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Art Studio from Kyoto Japan passionated in creativity since 2010.

2020.12.15 和のますくすNew Year's Collectionの販売を開始しました。
2020.12.10 和のますくすNew Year's Collection 2021のプレスリリースをしました
2020.10.22 和のますくす秋冬コレクションの販売を開始しました。
2020.10.14 和のますくす秋冬コレクション2020のプレスリリースをしました。
2020.09.06 和のますくすオンラインショップをオープンしました。
2020.08.25 聚秀軒ホームページをリニューアルしました。
2020.08.05 WANOMASKS「和のますくす」オンラインショップがオープンしました。
2020.08.01 WANOMASKS「和のますくす」公式サイトがオープンしました。
ShuShuKen Inc.

はじめに -Introduction-


オリジナルブランド「WAVOCA ONLINESHOP(ワボカオンラインショップ)」は間もなくオープンします。

Protect and Inherit the tradition

Learn about Traditional Japanese Culture.

ShuShuKen introduce Kyoto’s finest arts and crafts. All products are hand made by artisans with skills passed down through generations. Find craft works with sophisticated techiques of artisans.

On Shushuken Website, we will introduce “Traditional Industries” in Kyoto from various aspects. Even in traditional city Kyoto, the number of people who engages in such industries has been decreasing nowadays and it causes industrial decline. Therefore, we create this website to activate traditional industries. Rediscover the beauty of Arts and Crafts through the refined skills of artisan on our website. It is said that “Traditions are accomplished by uninterrupted innovations” or “Traditions are results of accumulated innovations”. Skills of Traditional Arts and Crafts in present day have been passed down from generation to generation since the capital was moved to Heian-kyo (Kyoto) in 794. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the compilation of Japanese culture, literally “results of accumulated innovations”. Not only introduce such products, but we would like to also develop new products and service adding new aspects and designs on them. It’s our pleasure to support and pass the Japanese traditional culture to the future though our business.

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